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1 point

Not all people abuse it, if it was legalized there would be rules to it that could prevent abuse.

1 point

I agree because it could make your thinking process slower.

1 point

If there was more access that means more people would grow it and it could become cheaper.

1 point

Many legal things also do this to you, not only weed. It just depends on what kind of affects it is.

1 point

There are many studies that show that marijuana can cause more infertility.

1 point

It could make you process things slower. It would make things like driving and walking across streets dangerous.

1 point

I think this is true because it makes you more sleepy and relaxed and can make you less anxious.

1 point

Even if it does help, It could affect their financial standpoint if they can't control themselves.

1 point

I think this is true because people are in jail because of marijuana more for being high and selling it and having it then actually hurting someone else

1 point

Marijuana could affect the actions of the person using it making them affect someone else depending on potency.

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