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RSS Duques

Reward Points:16
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

You can get high and still get its medical effect by consumption and not inhaling. So you dont have to smoke but you can eat.

1 point

The drug cartels will start selling more dangerous drugs in street corners affecting children even more than marijuana.

1 point

It is true that is you have a negative effect with marijuana you will be more low and paranoid about what is going around them.

1 point

I agree that carr accident might increase by stoned driving.

3 points

I agree that marijuana is in fact less dangerous that alcohol and alcohol is legal while marijuana is not

1 point

By legalizing marijuana the criminal justice system will become more efficient thus saving money from imprisoning people unfairly by just possessing marijuana(people getting 20 years+ just for possession).

2 points

I agree that its medical effects have the potential to save other peoples lives.

3 points

People with no past experience in marijuana can have negative effects and be dangerous while driving.

1 point

marijuana should be legalized because it safer than most medical pharmaceutics. In addition you can reduce the risk of lung damage by instead of smoking you can consume it using edibles.

8 points

Marijuana should not be legal because of it is a proven gateway drug that can lead to the use of even more dangerous drugs.

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