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RSS Brownt

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1 point

It can also soothe the side effects of many illnesses. I hate arguing with myself.

1 point

I agree. It has basically been my entire argument against it. Its a gateway drug.

1 point

Everyone on this side has said it: Marijuana is a gateway drug.

0 points

You'd also be making it easier for addicts to get it. You'd fuel addictions

2 points

Legalizing it would cause people who wouldn't have ever tried marijuana to use it

4 points

That is true. Its very common for drug dealers to lace marijuana with other drugs, specifically meth.

4 points

Marijuana is one of the biggest sources of income for drug dealers, taking some of their money away would help to stop them.

2 points

Marijuana is a gateway drug. So it is possible that if everyone can have marijuana, then everyone could move on to more hardcore drugs. Then you go from everyone on marijuana to everyone on meth, heroin, cocaine, etc.

2 points

Marijuana can impair learning ability and general functions. It is for this reason that it might not be the best idea to let everyone have it.

4 points

Marijuana, through research, is showing some promise in treating illnesses and helping people cope with pain. If people actually need it you may as well not make it harder for them. Why make them suffer?

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