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RSS Zapatai

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1 point

Early exposure to cannabis in adolescents decreases the reactivity of brain dopamine reward centers later in adulthood, making them vulnerable to addiction of other substances.

1 point

if anything, smoking marijuana can lead to paranoia and short-term memory loss which many people experience in their everyday lives without the use of marijuana

1 point

I agree, it will save officers time from arresting people for small amounts of marijuana, therefore allowing the officers to stay on the streets to catch burglars, dealers, and many other people doing harm.

1 point

I agree, it helps save money by not having to pay to put so many people into jail/prison for nonviolent crimes and carrying small amounts of weed.

1 point

If marijuana were legalized, new users would not be restricted to only adults, just like alcohol and tobacco, the youth will be able to get their hands on marijuana just as easily as other substances that impair their thinking and post risk to their health.

1 point

Marijuana should be legalized solemnly due to the fact that it will reduce the amount of people in jail for nonviolent crimes. We will not have such a big of an issue of crowding in prisons and jails. Also, the amount of money and time that is put into arresting a person with small amount of marijuana on them has cost more than 3.6 billion dollars and it can take many officer to arrest and book a suspect. However, now that marijuana is legal in a few states, people are still getting arrested for possession. Their circumstances may differ, before, anyone with the smallest amount of marijuana on them could have been arrested. Now, people who are being arrested are who are surpassing the legal limit to carry on them which may be lead to believe that their intent is to sale. Overall, arresting people for carrying around small amounts of marijuana is time consuming for everybody, especially cops which is keeping them off the streets and from stopping a drunk driver or chasing a burglar, it is also very expensive to throw them into jail.

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