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RSS Wilsonb17

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1 point

They might resort to marijuana for every problem instead of seeing a real doctor in a minor situation.

1 point

Some people would put work off and get high instead. Even though you feel like you may need it, its not a priority if your using it recreationally.

1 point

if marijuana was legal then you wouldn't have to worry about people using it illegally because it would be legal already.

1 point

I disagree because what is dangerous about a drug that helps people mentally and physically and if this drug is too bad for the country to make legal, why is alcohol and tobacco legal when the death rates on these item are through the roof where as you haven't heard about any that marijuana has caused, that has been medically proven

1 point

It can be used as a self medicated drug for people who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia. Each strand has its own purpose.

1 point

I think they should make it legal because not only would it make a bunch of money for the state, it will help save tax payers money by not having to feed the offenders or pay for all of the court stuff

1 point

I support this because too many people think that marijuana doesn't affect them physically at all.

1 point

I support this because marijuana does damage to the body and the independence of the mind.

1 point

you don't abuse marijuana if its recreational, you use it as you would like.

1 point

you can't get addicted to marijuana, you can stop when ever you want. The economy is really rough right now so the more jobs the better.

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