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RSS Velezd

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1 point

I support this. nobody has ever "overdosed" from weed, just smoked a lot.

1 point

How many people have gotten liver disease from weed? Haven't seen any statistics that directly point to marijuana as the main cause.

1 point

Not people I personally know. They smoke weed and it does the opposite.

1 point

This is right. Crime rate would most likely go down if marijuana became legal.

1 point

Marijuana should be legal because it would reduce the amount of prisoners. prisons would be less full and police teams that hunt down drugs can focus more on the harmful drugs, like heroin or meth.

1 point

Marijuana should be legal simply because of its medical reasons. Enough said there.

1 point

smoking blunts* smoking blunts still contains tobacco so therefore those who smoke blunts are not completely tobacco free.

1 point

Marijuana can impair reaction time, which is bad for driving.

1 point

Weed should be illegal because it is the most abused drug in the united states

1 point

Weed should be illegal because as messed up as it seems, drug dealers make a living off of it. So if weed becomes legal, dealers would lose out on a lot of money and poverty rate would rise.

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