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RSS Sanchezc

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1 point

Compared to other drugs, marijuana isn't as harmful especially when it comes to long term effects.

1 point

Marijuana tends to be cheaper then most over the counter drugs, especially if said person with a disease has to take many pills.

1 point

While you can abuse the drug you cannot be addicted to it.

1 point

I disagree, marijuana is not as harmful as cigarettes. The nicotine and all the other harmful chemicals that are in cigarettes, it can blacken your lungs and marijuana has never done that to one's lungs.

1 point

It should not be legal because if it becomes legal, the poverty rate would increase because a lot of drug dealers live off their profits from selling marijuana.

1 point

By legalizing marijuana there could be less people in jail so there is more space for true criminals.

1 point

I don't necessarily agree with your statement, marijuana affects your brain and can make you careless.

1 point

I agree, there are even scientific studies that support your argument. Marijuana messes with your memory and learning.

1 point

I completely agree. There are other drugs that are way more harmful and could possibly kill you and we should focus more on those types of drugs.

1 point

Marijuana could be very useful especially when it comes to medical use. It could help a lot of people who are suffering by easing their pain.

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