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RSS Hurtmanl

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1 point

We could make it to where the user has to have the substance locked away. There is always that chance of theft by stealing a combination or key.

1 point

Maybe in the moment but, marijuana is harmful the brain with the long term effect.

1 point

It can also cause slow motor function as well as loss of IQ Points. On average a teenager would loose 6-8 IQ points.

1 point

I think it is useful only after the brain has developed. It helps with diseases but, it can cause harm.

1 point

It would definitely help those who are sick, but i think it should only be allowed to people over 24. When the age requirement is higher, we let the children's brain left unharmed since it is such a crucial time for the brains development.

1 point

It should not be just because cigarettes are legal but, I support the type of idea. Marijuana is actually less harmful than cigarette or alcohol.

1 point

It could help with cancer, arthritis, asthma, Alzheimer, and more health problems. Yes, it sounds strange but, marijuana use can actually help asthma in some cases. It helps reduce exercise-induces asthma by dilating airways but, there is a risk because it could also create a tight feeling depending on the person. The effects of marijuana on Alzheimer help the person by putting on more weight, lessens the behavior, and it could slow the progress of protein deposits in the brain.

1 point

Marijuana can effect mental health. Some areas such as Psychotic symptoms, changes in mood, or even addiction. Addiction is one of the major mental health effects.

1 point

If it is legalized people could still steal the drug from the user. It could easily fall into the hands of the younger generation but, this could be kept out of hands of them by a security box. No matter what you do to prevent that you are still taking the risk.

1 point

There would be a definite revenue boost in the state that legalizes it. The main reason is there would be less money supporting organized crime because it is going to the state.

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