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RSS Hermosilloa

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3 points

Not only are they going to drop out of school but researchers found that people who do drugs are more likely to do crimes and become a criminal.

2 points

Some parents are to careless and leave things wondering, if a child gets the hold of the drug they can get interest into the drug and follow the influence of the parent. Leading more and more people on doing the drug.

2 points

That is very true and in certain cases its able to cause more problems in a persons body then taking something less dangerous then marijuana.

1 point

But in some cases Marijuana is good in certain medical conditions like a disorder that causes a child to have violent seizures.

2 points

But in some cases Marijuana is good in certain medical conditions like a disorder that causes a child to have violent seizures.

1 point

It should not be legal because with some uses it does make people calm and "lets there mind go off" but in some cases its highly dangerous and we are not able to see if that person is able to stay clam or go wild when taking Marijuana.

hermosilloa(13) Clarified
1 point

In some ways Marijuana should be legal like medical conditions, risk of someone live on edge or anything of that matter, but in some cases it should be illegal like for those who use it just to do it.

0 points

It can increased the health of some users leading them to be stronger and healthier like certain disease it can cause to death and marijuana can be a solution to help in health.

2 points

Marijuana could lead to children getting it and doing the drug. If family members are in the use of Marijuana then children would do the same thing and follow their family members.

1 point

If Marijuana becomes legal than it will provide officers more time to catch other crimes.

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