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RSS Fieldc

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1 point

but with marijuana legal kids at a young age would be having possession of pot and then they would go to juvy. so it might help with prison and jails but not with juvys.

fieldc(12) Clarified
1 point

They legalized it on the coast because it grows better with the dry air and warm sun. It's a year round thing. It's hard to grow in Indiana because of our constant wet soil.

fieldc(12) Clarified
1 point

If abusing the drug yes, but there is no wrong way to smoke pot. Being addicted to pot is almost impossible.

1 point

YES! just like people who raped women and get 10 years but for possession of pot you get a life sentence? Where is the justice?

1 point

Impaired Drivers

This is probably one of the biggest debates of all about legalizing pot. Do we have a way to test how high you are? ('How High', that was actually a movie pretty good. Just a joke.) Should people drive high? No, it's almost like alcohol your brain is actually impaired at that time and shouldn't drive.

1 point

Loss of Business for Drug dealers

With marijuana being legal those drug dealers won't be able to sell a large amount like they used to they will have to go on to sell something else such as weapons, or even cocaine. Using marijuana as their leading cause to watch them

1 point

but its not the leading factor, drugs such as pharmaceuticals lead to gateway drugs not marijuana. The five year old girl in the video, do you think she'll become addicted to cocaine when she gets older because she's built up a tolerance for pot?

1 point

Just like cigarettes! Cigarettes have caused a lot more cancerous diseases but I've never heard anything about pot! If you don't like it, you don't have to smoke it.

1 point

Marijuana isn't really a gateway drug. even though a lot of people enjoy smoking pot it's not something that you can't live with out. People smoke because they like the way it makes you feel.

1 point

Yes, it helps with seizures but it also helps with other medical things as well. As mentioned in the video the 19 year old kid who had troubles with his diaphragm. It helps a lot more than the few things that we saw in the video.

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