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RSS Diaze

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1 point

It may help some, but for others it is a different story. Some users could be addicted to marijuana and try other drugs or have financial problems because of the price of marijuana.

1 point

It may very well make some happy and heal some medical conditions however it cannot be ignored that it is addictive and can lead the user to using other drugs and having health issues later on.

1 point

I agree because if there are fewer deaths because marijuana becomes legalized, then crime rates involve deals with weed can decrease because of it becoming legal.

1 point

Legal marijuana supporters have argued that it’s not as addictive as other “harder” drugs, such as heroin and cocaine. Addiction treatment specialists, however, have seen firsthand that long term use does lead to marijuana addiction. Research suggests as many as 10% of users will develop dependence over time. As with other substances, stopping marijuana use leads to withdrawal symptoms that range from irritability to anxiety

1 point

Marijuana is a gateway drug with the potential to introduce a user to more serious illegal substances, like cocaine or heroin. Research also suggests that its use may be linked to a higher risk of prescription drug use.

1 point

The carcinogens maybe be higher than in tobacco, but that people still smoke cigarettes anyways.

1 point

You also cannot get arrested for the possession of cigarettes unless you are under the age of being allowed to have cigarettes.

1 point

Cigarettes however are LEGAL and many people still smoke them. Due to that fact, marijuana should be legal.

1 point

I agree because drugs should not be a solution to problems such as depression or suicidal thoughts. Those with problems such as those mentioned above can abuse the drugs which can lead to more problems.

1 point

Instead of arresting those who simply use weed and giving them a year or so just for the possession of the drug, officers could focus on those criminals who actually do harm to communities and society such as rapists, murders, etc...

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