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1 point

I feel that weed has also killed people as well as it has helped them and these cases are rare.

1 point

Yes, it can save a lot of money because it gives law enforcement more time to focus on more important things

1 point

but it leads to many more dollars being spent when people do other hard drugs.

1 point

i agree because there are tons of videos online that show this. the drugs give them a lot of harmful side effects and the oil stops them

1 point

marijuana should be legal because it helps the government to save billions of dollars.

1 point

Weed can lead to many more harmful drugs and it is a proven gateway drug.

1 point

tobacco smoke is just as bad as the smoke in marijuana and it can harm your lungs.

1 point

car accident's are the leading cause of death in youth in todays world.

1 point

tobacco and weed are in the same category and can ruin and hurt your lungs.

1 point

Marijuana is better than other drugs like cocaine, meth, etc. Using marijuana just makes you relaxed rather than physically impaired.

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