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RSS Longm

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1 point

Even if it is harmful, like all the other legal things people consume, it comes down to the fact that legal or not it is that person's choice to smoke marijuana. If drugs weren't a factor of people's lives we wouldn't have medication at all. Whether it becomes legal or not it is still going to be highly available every single day.

1 point

Nicotine has been deemed more addictive than marijuana yet its legal and caffeine is imbedded in our everyday drinks and it is legal.

1 point

Marijuana should be legal because no one has ever died from marijuana overdose like they have with other drugs. Using marijuana could deter people from using harder drugs that could kill them

1 point

I agree that marijuana may impair your perception when doing things like driving

1 point

I agree with this and I honestly didn't think about it. Younger and younger children will get ahold of it and it can have a much worse affect on them than it could on adults.

1 point

Marijuana should not be legalized because it will mess up drug dealers' way of income and potentially lead them to sell harder drugs and distribute them out to the general public more. With everyone having access to marijuana man made drugs like spice will be on the rise and cause extreme health problems.

1 point

Marijuana should not be legal because is can be a gateway drug. People try marijuana and search for a bigger high leading to more life threatening drugs.

1 point

I agree with this because marijuana is prescribed for insomnia, anxiety, seizures and even stress that other medications just aren't fixing. The things we put into our bodies are all some type of drug but because they have different reputations and names they're acceptable. That's backwards.

1 point

Marijuana should be legal for both medical and recreational use because it can be used to treat disorders and diseases that people are and aren't aware of.

1 point

Things that are already legalized and have always been are extremely harmful to people. Cigarettes come with a warning that it may cause cancer yet it's a social norm to do as you please with them as well as alcohol consumption. People die from alcohol poisoning all the time yet when researching deaths from marijuana not much comes up. Marijuana isn't the drug that's killing people.

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