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RSS Medinaa10

Reward Points:14
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1 point

Marijuana users usually don't do other drugs they usually stick to marijuana.

1 point

I agree with this statement because it the kids are still developing and even if the kid is not the one smoking marijuana second hand smoke can be a big problem.

1 point

I agree with this statement because there are a lot of people who can't fall asleep which is harmful to the body.

1 point

I agree with this statement. It will allow the police to on things that can be more harmful to people like violence.

1 point

There have been many studies linking the use Marijuana to psychiatric disorders.

medinaa10(14) Clarified
1 point

This article talks about how kids are able to get Marijuana easier than alcohol even if Marijuana is easier.

1 point

I agree because kids would be able to get it from their parents room.

1 point

Kids would have an easier chance of getting it from their parents room.

1 point

I agree with this statement. Many kids will have a greater chance of taking Marijuana from their parents room.

1 point

It should be legal because it will allow people to get marijuana safely instead of buying it from the streets.

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