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RSS Majorst

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1 point

weed should not be legal because of the laziness you get from it, people are slowed way down and that is not good because you could lose your sense of awareness

1 point

weed should not be legal because people get whats called "The munchies" and this could potentially be a health problem in the long run because of over eating

1 point

The only reason weed is not globally legalized is because they haven't found a way to tax it. If they find a way to tax it then it will become legal eventually

1 point

Weed use does not damage nor hurt any part of your brain, it just gives you a good high feeling for the moment

1 point

There have been test that prove the use of weed does not impair as much as alcohol use therefore it is not categorized the same because they are two different things.

1 point

I disagree, weed is not controlling at all, people like the feeling they get when smoking thats why people smoke it all the time

1 point

It has not been proven that there have been health problems due to the use of weed, there are statistics that show the use of weed helps more than it hinders therefore it is not harmful

1 point

I disagree with this because weed does affect non users because it is out in the atmosphere

1 point

This is true, people don't smoke weed as a dependent they smoke it for the feeling, no one is addicted to the actual drug, you are not physically dependent on the drug

1 point

Yes i agree because there are lots of people in jail due to possession of weed and there are more important things

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