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1 point

It can be. If people decide they want or need something more that can try harder stuff and see if they like that more than weed.

1 point

but it all depends on the person. A person purchasing weed should know that they should not do anything that can negatively effect others.

1 point

This is true. Weed is not a hard drug but it can be used very badly depending on who is the one taking it and it ending up in the wrong hands.

1 point

I agree. Having it be legal will actually give kids an incentive to try it since it is legal unless they put a age lock on the buying of weed.

1 point

I agree. it isn't safe for people to be effecting their health negativity.

1 point

but everyone wants to fight each other anyway and legalizing weed may make people still fight no matter what happens.

1 point

It could also make people too relaxed to the point where they stop caring about themselves and others depending on certain people's mental health.

1 point

i agree. We could use all of that weed money we get and take it and use it and make something out of it and it will all be for good.

1 point

I agree. I think people can learn how to control the amount of weed they intake while also making sure they do not go for the extremely effective drugs.

1 point

I do not think weed should be legal because a lot of people who use weed have depression and use that drug as an unhealthy escape.

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