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RSS Beaversa

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I disagree because somebody has to regulate this and do some work. If this became legal it would create many job opportunities.

1 point

Marijuana is not as addictive as many other drugs, so I do not agree with this

1 point

I disagree with this, I believe that it may be legal, but the government would not just give it away to everybody.

1 point

I disagree because while tobacco has a bad reputation for pumping carcinogens into the lungs, marijuana is estimated to have levels of carcinogens that are 50-70% higher than tobacco smoke.

1 point

I support this because even though it may be helping in medical ways, it also is putting your mind in a state of high. Some people may not know whats going on.

2 points

I support this because i do believe that every drug could become addictive.

1 point

Lung health: While tobacco has a bad reputation for pumping carcinogens into the lungs, marijuana is estimated to have levels of carcinogens that are 50-70% higher than tobacco smoke. The effect is amplified by the fact that many pot smokers inhale more deeply than cigarette smokers, increasing the amount of time the lungs are exposed to cancer-causing chemicals.

1 point

Addictive nature: Legal marijuana supporters have argued that it’s not as addictive as other “harder” drugs, such as heroin and cocaine. Addiction treatment specialists, however, have seen firsthand that long term use does lead to marijuana addiction. Research suggests as many as 10% of users will develop dependence over time. As with other substances, stopping marijuana use leads to withdrawal symptoms that range from irritability to anxiety [3]. Opponents of legal recreational pot argue that any savings that would arise from legalization would be offset by the cost of treating the additional users who become addicted to marijuana.

1 point

I support this because many advocates for legalization note that by decriminalizing the substance, police officers will have more time and money to pursue criminals for other crimes, including those involving violence.

3 points

I support this because today's economy is in need of jobs and this would boost the economy by providing many jobs.

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