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1 point

I agree because at the same time prisons are full of drug users or dealers instead of murders and robbers and etc

1 point

But if the hospital distributors are haveing trouble as far as providing this for everyone this could cause a drought

1 point

This cuts off all open access and keeps minorities out of jail, even though they aren't supposed to be there in the first place

1 point

I agree when used carefully it can be very , unless people want to continue to have misleading judgement when it comes to this topic

1 point

Things only get addictive it you allow it to be , marijuana isn't a gateway drug

1 point

With an impaired memory disease like dementia allows patients to slower the process of deterioration

1 point

But if it were legal the likely hood to still to find it and get it eliminate's the idea to put themselves in harms way to get the high the person is looking for

1 point

Ony 28 out of the 50 states legalize marijuana, supporters are mainly on the coast so the percentage isn't as effective

1 point

slows down all types of incurable disease to prolong severe damage

1 point

Although most African American males are more at risk because of this drug, police and government systems would have way more space when it came to imprisonment because there would be more room to store a variety of inmates

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