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RSS Atchisond

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1 point

like alcohol, there would eventually be laws to limit this from happening

1 point

it can be used to treat more than physical and sychologiical problems, it can also build slef esteem and confidence

1 point

2nd hand smoking is still dangerous, and you can still get high off second hand smoke around weed, if it's legal then parents could still smoke around children accidently getting them stoned

0 points

i agree with you x.x but too much can cause bad trips which can lead to more serious problems such as addiction and dependence

1 point

even once its legal, it's still illegal for "young adults" because you have to be 21 years of age to get it, and if they get it from someone else that's just as illegal, if not more illegal than giving alcohol to a minor.

1 point

when legalized you still have to be 21, at that point in life your mature enough to know what's the right amount for you :)

3 points

marijuana can be used to treat many conditions, such as seizures, Alzheimer's, and chronic pains.

2 points

weed can be used to help people with anorexia, as this drug increases appetite and could be used to help people gain weight.

3 points

most heroin and cocaine addicts claimed to have started with weed

3 points

although it is rare to become addicted to marijuana, it can still happen, and as your tolerance goes up you don't get the same high, that's why it's considered to be a "gateway drug" and can lead to more serious drugs that can cause serious problems

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