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RSS Angellguired

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1 point

The only way that it would become a major gateway drug is if it were harder to get. But if it were legal it would be easier to get making it less of a hassel. Also cigarettes have killed WAY more people then marijuana has.

1 point

I agree with you 100%. And if it is made a controlled substance then different markets, stores, and pharmacies will get more business. That being a benefit for markets.

1 point

It should be illegal because its bad for your physical health. One example of how it effects your physical is health is pregnancy. If you smoke marijuana and are pregnant, that gives your child a higher risk of getting leukemia.

1 point

It shouldn't be legalized because of its' easy access. Making it easier to get means that it will be more tempting for kids or teens to try. (That going along with my past comment)

1 point

I agree with you. Just like caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol are also way more addictive than marijuana.

1 point

Smoking marijuana can kill cancer cells. And that could help with cancer research because they could run tests on people who have cancer and see what the effects are.

2 points

Kids/teenagers who smoke regularly are more likely to drop out of school.

1 point

It should be legal because it makes people calm. Maybe if more people smoked it, then there would be less physical conflicts. (my opinion)

1 point

Yes because it's their choice. The only difference (between cigarettes and marijuana) is that one is socially acceptable and one isn't. That thing that doesn't sense is that the one that's socially acceptable has killed thousands of people, but the one that's socially unacceptable hasn't killed anyone. For example they have commercials promoting cigarettes and that they are good. But in all actuality they will just end up killing you in the end. But they have a bunch of adds about marijuana and how it's bad for you and how it's going to kill you, yet nobody has reported death from over dosing on marijuana.

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