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RSS Jarrettk

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1 point

Some people might need the prescription to help them. It can make them feel and act better.

1 point

It can eliminate some risk factors compared to buying it on the street. It is a safer way to hand out the drug.

1 point

This can cause the person to have many problems throughout their body. For example, horrible memory, heart problems, depression, or schizophrenia.

1 point

This can make the person experience a high that changes the way they see or do things under the influence.

1 point

Marijuana is linked to a higher risk of prescription. It can introduce a user to more serious illegal drugs.

1 point

It can cause you to have horrible memories. It can cause heart problems such as, heart attacks or your heart rate will raise.

1 point

By having recreational marijuana, it eliminates some risk factors compared to getting the drug off the streets.

1 point

Police officers will have more time and money to focus on more violent crimes. This can also free space in prisons.

1 point

Marijuana shouldn't be legal because it causes people to have mental health problems.

1 point

Marijuana shouldn't be legal because it can form altered perceptions for people.

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