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If you're not careful, it could fall into the hands of a child. 9 times out of 10, when you are high you're not thinking about safety of others or even safety for yourself. If your lackadaisical and leave the marijuana around, a child could get a hold of it, and who knows what would happen.

Marijuana is a common known gateway drug. Many people who start off smoking weed are led to want to try other drugs, possibly to continue to experience the high they first felt when they smoked weed for their first time.

Weed should be legalized to express personal freedom. Of course there are a few negative sides to marijuana, but everyone should have a right to want to use it or not based on their morals, decisions, and beliefs.

Marijuana should be legalized because it can reduce "settling things" in the streets related to drug disputes. If someone pulls something over on you in a drug exchange, you of course cannot go to the police or get a lawyer to help you. Instead, people have to handle it themselves, leading to an endless cycle of crime and violence in the streets.

If you're saying that marijuana is safe for medication for treating diseases or illness, that should be a reason for marijuana to be legalized. If it is safe for medication for treating diseases or illness, then it should be legalized so that everyone with this deficiencies have access to be cured.

As we saw in the video, though it has not been proven, smoking marijuana has seemed to help patients who's brains were "broken".

I agree, whereas most people who use far more dangerous drugs started off smoking weed.

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Although marijuana can relieve anxiety, it can also cause it. Along with having a chance of causing paranoia and psychosis.

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I agree with this. Just like the video we just watched (WEED), it helped a girl who had a severe form of epilepsy, it could help many other patients.

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If you're saying that marijuana is a gateway drug, then that would be a reason why it shouldn't be legal. Marijuana being a gateway drug could lead to the usage of other drugs that are much more harmful and damaging to the body physically and mentally.

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I agree with this. Also if marijuana were legal, drug trafficking would not be a social problem.

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